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Ask the VC: When To Jump From Angel to VC

The next question in our series of posts from my Startup America Q&A might just be the best question of the bunch.  “How do you know when it’s time to jump from seeking a large angel round to asking for … Continue reading

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Ask the VC: Question 3 on Price Caps and LLC vs. C Corp.

Continuing our “Ask the VC – Startup America” series after a bit of a blog hiatus (we have closed 3 deals in the last 3 months), this was a popular question that I still hear a lot: “As a very … Continue reading

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Top Three Slides In Your Pitch Deck

Continuing our series of entrepreneur driven questions from my “Ask the VC” session with Startup America Partnership, I thought this question was very appropriate, as I have heard it multiple times over the past few weeks. Question:  “What is the single … Continue reading

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The Tweeners Have This VC’s Attention

What is the inevitable outcome from the amazing amount of seed capital that has been deployed to hundreds if not thousands of companies over the past few years? Dead soldiers? Well yes, that happens all the time. Amazing companies ready … Continue reading

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It’s the Innovation Economy Stupid!

I have been reading a lot of articles recently declaring a “bubble” in the VC or tech world. To be honest, I am trying to understand the logic supporting this fascination. I know we have pundits: either political, economic or … Continue reading

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Quora – My new favorite habit

I know a lot has been written about Quora. Lots of it is positive, some negative. Like anything else, I guess its a matter of perspective and time before we will all see whether they are the next great social … Continue reading

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StartUp America

All the recent press and coverage of the new White house program Startup America has certainly had a positive impact on the state of innovation and entrepreneurship in America. For those who haven’t seen the Austan Goolsbee, Chairman of the … Continue reading

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